What's cooking? / by Matthew Burkhardt

I'm this space up as a place to blog about what's coming out of my kitchen as I try and develop my cooking and baking skills. I'll use this to link to recipes I've tried and include helpful tips I've learned along the way.

I'm following an 'eat whatever you want, but make it yourself' diet, especially when it comes to desserts. I've found that when I take the time and bake something whether that's a batch of cookies or a tray of bread pudding, I have a lot more respect for what I've made and it's more satisfying. They may not last longer than if I'd bought them from the store, but I don't generally bake desserts more than once a week.

My Expertise
I can follow a recipe, especially now that you can google an unfamiliar technique and see how it's done on YouTube. I wont' be appearing on Chopped anytime soon. My cooking doesn't always come out picture perfect, but it generally tastes good.

How I cook
I cook for myself so that I can have lunch and dinner while working from home. I enjoy cooking and baking but I'm currently doing a pretty intense and time-consuming workout regimen three times a week and getting the results I want. It totally eats up the time I save by not commuting. Between my workout, just wanting to unwind, and the fact that I'm cooking for one, I tend to make one meal that I can eat all week. I've been doing this since my last year in college when I lived in a studio apartment. Occasionally I'll do two, meals but that second meal, if I'm making it during the week as opposed to on Sunday when I normally cook, needs to be quick and easy or something I can throw in the crock pot and take out when I'm ready to eat and then I can put the leftovers away.

Stay tuned for what's on my weekly menu and some reviews of some of my favorite recipes.